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There is no AI in recruitment – but there is AI to enhance recruiters

We are living in a time where dogma trumps pragmatism, where purity hinders progress, where ideology overshadows ideas, where opinion and partisanship steer the conversation and pollute thinking. We can find this in most parts of life: be it global warming, nutrition, or be it artificial intelligence.

To continue progress and the development of ideas, we (at Pocket Recruiter) therefore don’t talk about artificial intelligence or machine learning; and frankly the people using Pocket Recruiter are not interested in buzzwords, definitions, or dogma. We want something that works for recruiters, is easy to use and creates ever more efficiencies. We look at how our platform enhances the lives of recruiters now, how they can change what they do tomorrow. and the outcomes it delivers. It isn’t important what you are, but what you do.

This guide is based on Pocket Recruiter and our experiences in both development and rollout, but it is also applicable for anybody who wants to;

• understand what AI can do today
• evaluate AI systems
• get an insight into the benefits and challenges for recruitment
• imagine how it can change the role of a recruiter

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