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  • There’s lots of hype about recruitment & HR tech and much of it is just that. Mostly, applications have little or no bottom line impact and are dreamt up by technologists who know nothing of corporate life and recruitment.

    However, Pocket Recruiter truly blows you away.

    A search for a C Suite leader? Normally, you might spend thousands on search firms, weeks of market mapping or getting your researchers to trawl the web. Not anymore. Pocket Recruiter takes just seconds to identify suitable candidates and then it relearns and refines requirements to deliver better matches faster.

    Pocket Recruiter transforms our sourcing function. No more hours wasted trying to find the right Boolean strings; instead we’re freeing up time for our people to do what they do best –talk to candidates. All this at the touch of a button.

    Jon Hull
    Head of Talent Acquisition
  • “Pocket Recruiter is a complete game changer.

    Instead of sifting through CV databases and irrelevant applications, my consultants can now focus on engaging with candidates and clients.

    Pocket Recruiter has not only removed time consuming, low value activities, but is finding more relevant candidates faster and faster.

    We use the additional time we’ve gained to precisely understand needs and motivations so that what we put forward is relevant and desired.”

    Leon Howgill
    MD, Advanced Resource Managers
  • My partners and I train recruiters all around the world and therefore we constantly look at and independently review technology. Most of the time the hype is greater than the results but Pocket Recruiter has been one of the exceptions.

    A true test of any recruiting platform is if recruiters themselves would use it by choice and this is what I’ve seen with companies who have implemented Pocket Recruiter.

    As humans we tend to search for only a few keywords and phrases and then see what results we get, often not varying the terms and going for the first set of results. Pocket Recruiter genuinely dives deep into wherever it’s pointed at and in multiple and clever ways accurately matches candidates.

    Martin Lee
    Partner at Brain Gain Recruiting EMEA & APAC. Sourcing consultancy & training.
  • Pocket Recruiter has a straightforward promise. Give them your open vacancies, and they will give you a list of candidates. By extracting keywords and essential data with a smart matching technology, they build a profile, and they use boolean search to bring back matching profiles. They do this both internally, from your ATS, as well as from external sources such as Linkedin, Monster, CareerBuilder, you name it. By selecting profiles, the algorithm improves for the specific search, basically like an external sourcer works, it’s just an algorithm now.

    It might seem pretty basic, but that’s their strength as far as I’m concerned. It just automates the process humans do, without the bias, eliminating time-consuming actions so a recruiter can do where he or she adds the most value: engaging with the candidate.

    Bas van de Haterd
  • Pocket Recruiter is a product/solution for candidate/potential future employee sourcing of now and the future. A system so simple to use, yet under the hood so immensely intelligent, so advanced and with so many benefits. It is a product/solution that solve the constant pressure and most pressing matters in recruitment, time to resource, finding best possible match candidates, and on basis of what the product/solution able to, how it doing so and the multiple added benefits it offers, it is one of those solutions that no recruitment function (agency and/or corporate, in-house) should be without.

    Jacob S. Madsen
    Talent Acquisition Enthusiast and Evolutionary

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