Intelligent Automation Supercharged

With Pocket Recruiter, automate hiring for every job type, and access all of your talent through a single platform.
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Access all of your talent through one platform

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Attain speed through relevance.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 75% of positions take 44 days to fill. Pocket screens all applications and finds the most relevant candidates from all talent pools simultaneously, decreasing the time of sourcing by 60% and reducing the overall time to hire by 15 days.
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"Most of the time the hype is greater than the results but Pocket Recruiter has been one of the exceptions."
- Martin Lee, Global Talent Sourcing
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Source without bias.

Candidate Portals, Multi Posting and a rich feature set provide you with everything necessary to discover and attract top talent. Anti-bias features and full GDPR compliance ensure diversity and inclusion.
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"Recommending Pocket Recruiter is easy because its functionality and usability are so far advanced."
- Jeremy Tipper, Founder at Talent Collective

Automate Hiring for Every Job Type

Pocket Recruiter contains a solution for every type of hire, automating volume recruitment, and providing AI matching for specialized hires.
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Here's what our customers say

"Pocket saved our team upwards of 60% of the time spent on sourcing."
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- Dan Fitzpatrick
Talent Acquisition Director, Carrier EMEA 
"Pocket Recruiter continues to learn, the more you use it, the better results you get."
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- Steve Clabby
Process Design Manager, Capita Resourcing

Our Journey

The Pocket Story Begins

While working as a Director of Application Development at one of the world's largest banks, Founder and CEO Bel Martijena realized how strenuous the hiring process was and founded Pocket Recruiter.
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Prototype Completed

We'd finally done it. We completed the first iteration of what was once thought a problem that couldn't be solved, saving users approximately 60% of sourcing time.
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The Product Grows

We began scaling up, adding new features and building a more robust product. Some of the largest companies in the world began using our product, with great results.
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The Future

With great feedback from our users, a world class team and an exponential growth rate, we developed our vision for the future: become the all-in-one talent CRM platform.
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